The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak Pub - Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire

Photo Gallery

These photos were generously(?) donated by Ben - see him about paying the blackmail <g>

Don't Ask! Abbie_n_Bro Gotcha! Gruesome! Plim_n_Ben Plim_n_Abbie Plim's New Underwear he's still snoring! Things can only get better Abbie_n_Plim

The pictures of the Cark Park work from the weekend of 5-7/02/10

The Digger gets down to the job Before - the 'front' car park The Road To Nowhere! 'Nowhere' 'Somewhere?' Getting rid of the dross Need a truck? The Lads at work! Someone actually working! Need a truck? Getting Somewhere tidying up a bit Is it a plane?... Is it a bird?.... Start of Day 2 'The End' The 'New Look' from the hill